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Courts take violent crimes such as assault and battery very seriously which is why you will want a skilled Charleston criminal defense attorney that can dedicate time and energy to your case on your side. Unlike a public defender, the Sanders Law Firm, LLC team can regulate how many cases we take on at one time. This allows us to provide our clients with better focus and personalized attention, resulting in a robust, more thorough defense strategy.

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What Does Assault & Battery Mean?

In South Carolina, assault and battery are both labeled under one assault charge. Assault describes the imminent threat of violence or force on another person, while battery is the deliberate physical touching of an unwilling individual. While these two used to be separate charges, in 2012 SC passed legislation indicating that committing either one of these crimes is an assault.

There are three degrees of assault and battery charges, depending on the severity:

  • 3rd degree assault & battery – Sometimes called “simple assault,” this is a misdemeanor crime where one causes an injury, threatens to cause an injury, or attempts to cause an injury to another.
  • 2nd degree assault & battery – This is a felony charge where the accused allegedly injured someone or attempted to touch them in a private area without consent.
  • 1st degree assault & battery – To be charged with 1st degree assault, the offender must have actually injured the victim, touched them in a private area, or assaulted an individual while committing another crime such as robbery or kidnapping.

The penalties for assault and battery vary, but in most cases the defendant will spend some time in jail if convicted. A 1st degree assault conviction could result in a ten year sentence.

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There is no minimum jail sentence for assault and battery charges, regardless of the degree. With capable legal counsel, you could potentially avoid jail altogether through time served or a hefty fine. While this is a favorable outcome if conviction is inevitable, our goal is to achieve the best outcome possible. We investigate our client’s cases to find any evidence that could result in a dismissal of charges.

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