Case Results

  • $100,000 Settlement
    Dangerous Collision
    Client was driving on I-26 when she collided with a disabled vehicle and then was rear-ended by a truck. Her car was crushed like an aluminum can. It was a miracle she survived. Client’s medical bills exceeded $35,000.00. Although client tested positive for alcohol, we successfully recovered $100,000.00, which was the maximum coverage available under the applicable insurance policies.
  • Recovered $100,000
    Fatal Auto Accident
    Client was an elderly passenger in a vehicle which was T-Boned at an intersection. The impact killed Client. We stacked all of the insurance coverage for the vehicles involved to recover a total of $100,000.00.
  • Recovered $55,000
    Murdered in Prison
    Client was murdered while incarcerated at a high-security prison. The murder was the result of an extortion scheme conducted by inmates with cell phones inside a high-security prison acting with others outside of the prison. We determined that cell phones were being smuggled into the prison by visitors and by the guards themselves. We were able to locate a key document. The Client made a written request to the warden to be transferred to another dorm, because he knew his life was in danger. The warden denied the request and took no further action to investigate the threat. Client was choked to death in his bunk. The killers were never prosecuted. Despite Client's criminal history and despite the State having a different interpretation of this key document, we recovered $55,000.00.
  • Recovered $50,000
    Pedestrian Accident
    Client was walking down the sidewalk when she walked in front of an SUV pulling out of a parking lot. The SUV hit her and dragged her out into Ashley River Road, breaking her ankle. We recovered $50,000.00, which was the total amount of insurance coverage available.
  • Received Settlement
    Slip & Fall at Hotel
    Client was a guest at a hotel when she slipped and fell on the pool deck, injuring her head. The trauma affected her short-term memory and her ability to organize and to multi-task. Although the hotel removed and replaced the pool deck after the injury, we were still able to negotiate a settlement of $60,000.00.
  • Charge Reduced
    Speeding Ticket
    Client charged with Speeding >= 25 MPH which carried six points along with a substantial fine. We negotiated a rewritten ticket to Speeding <= 10 MPH which carries only two points and a minimal fine. Going forward, Client saves substantial money on his> insurance.