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When charged with a non-violent crime, you may have been read a long list of charges by the arresting officer. You are wondering what all of them mean and how you could be arrested for so many crimes at once. While this is a serious situation, it is important not to panic. Even if you were arrested for multiple charges, it is unlikely that all of them will stick. Often, law enforcement adds additional charges to give the prosecutor more options during settlement negotiations.

An experienced Charleston criminal defense lawyer from Sanders Law Firm, LLC can review your case and tell you which charges you should be focused on. Our team is dedicated to protecting our clients’ futures and freedom. We do not take non-violent crime charges lightly. We aggressively fight for our clients’ best interests.

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What is a Non-Violent Crime?

Any crime that does not involve force or injury is considered a non-violent crime. Many of these crimes are fairly simple, such as bribing or gambling, and some people dismiss them as trivial even when they are arrested. Do not mistake these arrests for something small. A conviction for a non-violent crime can affect your employment, financial security, and even your freedom. Make sure you secure a solid defense attorney to begin planning your strategy as soon as possible.

The following are examples of non-violent crimes:

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At Sanders Law Firm, LLC we provide each client with personal attention from our experienced Charleston criminal defense lawyer T.O. Sanders. Mr. Sanders formerly worked as a prosecutor and has a unique understanding of how these cases operate. He takes the time to guide clients through the legal process, and to develop a defense based on the strategies he would use as a prosecutor when litigating similar cases. You are not just another case number at our firm, you are a person who needs help, and we are honored for the opportunity to assist you.

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